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16 March, 2019
  • DR LaVoie

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Thank you so very much from all of us in the artist community, for constantly updating your features and creating new ones! ArtWanted is a wonderfully pro-active site to be a part of.

12 February, 2019
  • Staff
  • 12 Feb 2019

Original Post: Introducing Member Notifications

We have just created a new feature that puts all your important notifications on a single page. You no longer need to go to multiple places to see all your new comments, likes, favorites, followers and other account activity. The new Notifications page contains a list of everything that is happening to your ArtWanted account.

You can access the new Notifications page from your Control Panel Dashboard or from the new header drop down menu on any page you are viewing. This new member drop down also contains a link to your portfolio and a quick link to logout.

Here is a quick list of the events that will be found on the Notifications page:

  • New artwork comment
  • New artwork like
  • New artwork favorite
  • Pic of the Day Gallery
  • Artist Follow
  • More to come!
  • We hope this new page makes it easier for you to see what is happening on your ArtWanted account.