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18 March, 2019
  • Irena Dukule

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The old members website was much better and useful, especially statistics...

29 December, 2018
  • Staff
  • 29 Dec 2018

Original Post: Old Members Area Website Discontinued

At the start of 2018 we launched the new ArtWanted Control Panel website for our members to manage their online portfolios.

We have kept the old website live during 2018 to ease the transition for our members to the new website. 2018 has now come to a close, and so has the old members area website. We have now officially discontinued the old Members Area website and all portfolio management can be done on the new ArtWanted Control Panel website.

If there are any features you miss on the old website that you want to bring back, we encourage you to use the IDEA BOARD to voice your thoughts and gather votes/feedback from other members.