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23 March, 2019
  • Staff

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Ranefox, we have just sent you an e-mail with some tips that may help you with the upload process.

19 June, 2018
  • Yury Yanin
  • 19 Jun 2018

Original Post: Uploader

Could not upload a new image right now! In the "drug and drop" mode the tricky electronic thing writes for me "OOPS! I have a trouble", In the "select files" option it doesn't show files in my computer. So I have the only option left - to send images via e-mail. Is that one more set of sanctions against Russia for us to laugh,, dealing with electronic connections? Or may be is the problem in my new computer, or my old stupidity, or my too horrible, politically incorrect image?, Is not all that because of the Rusian hackers and spies again...Is there some nervously paraholic gas this time?

Don't be afraid, I am not that crazy.JOKING certainly... As we say in Rusia "there must be a part of joke in any joke"... must be... may be... For me it well may be that I'd rather write a short e-mail with the attached files to upload, rather then bore public with my silly doubtful jokes and too long posts like this here... Depends on my mood at the moment though... and still...

Should not the staff rather return back the old uploader, which worked perfectly for me?

P.S. by the way the image, which is attached to this note, uploaded perfectly in the old - like manner and this time AW machinery had no trouble to see all files in my computer. I am not against that - my files are not secret If you meet there a nude, let me know though...

P.S.S. Not so easy though... the first attempt to upload this post with the attached file failed. I m beginning to believe in some mystic power of that image... Trying again....