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21 August, 2018
  • Scott DuBar

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Nice job so far! If you are looking for ways to learn about Painter besides reading the manual, I would recommend checking YouTube for video tutorials. I'm sure you can find some that are quite good and helpful. If you are more serious, you can look into getting a subscription to They have many video courses on Painter, Photoshop, using your Wacom tablet, and more.

23 March, 2018
  • Adelle John
  • 23 Mar 2018
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Original Post: Digital Coming Along

A number of months ago I posted about trying my hand at Digital Art. I got some good ideas and I have been doing some experimenting. I tried it out on my Kindle Fire Tablet and did a couple piecs I liked. I tried it with a stylus and with my finger. I have a lot of trouble working with a mouse so yesterday I bought a Macom Tablet just one of the less expensive ones for now. In fact I think I got a pretty good deal I got the Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital graphics, drawing & painting tablet (the medium sized one but I got the previous year's one not the most recent, got it for around $100 on eBay which they sold for $199.00. This year's sells for $299.00. I also got Corel Painter 2018 for a huge discount I paid only $80 for download and it costs about $350 from the manufacturer, also on eBay I got the educational edition but it says there is no difference between the educational edition and the regular Corel 2018 and actually they are actually the same as I had the software on my computer doing a free 30 day trial and it wouldnt download the edition I had as it was already downloaded so all I had to do is put my key in and now I own it. For a lot less than I would have paid to the manufacturer. I am kind of pleased. I have been trying out Corel Painter 2018 for two weeks. My goodness it is take me a year or more to learn what all is in it. They user guide is 800+ pages. I cant hardly handly reading it either I cant understand things when I just read them like that I need to do it to learn so I just started a painting and I keep change the backgrounds and I am trying out all the brush sets and individual brushes I have in it right now..I guess I can buy more brush sets still... This is the painting I have been working on. There was a tree in it and will be again..I took it out...just to see how easy it would be really...I am really loving doing stuff digitally...I love being able to take out a tree I dont like and put in a new is amazing. And what I am really happy about is now I will be able to paint up til the day I die unless I get really sick...I have poor health and I could end up in a nursing home again. I am not really worried about it in the very near future but I am always worried about a sudden change in my health that could change my life has happened before and I have finally overcome and gotten back on my own but I know all too well how easy it is to have a set back and need more care and suddenly your life is completely different. It is hard to keep on painting in nursing homes they dont want you to do it in your room or they take your supplies away. If I paint digitally though I will not have to worry I can do it on my computer and they generally let you have your computer even my large desktop. Anyway, I am happy I made these purchases and I am looking forward to becoming more skilled as a digital artist. Here is the one I am working on. still with a mouse rather than a pen on tablet. But soon will be working on a tablet with a pen or touch either one.