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29 March, 2023
  • Staff

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This idea has reached over 100 points, which means the ArtWantes staff will post a comment about the idea.

At ArtWanted, your account security is very important to us. As with any website, we have to balance the importance of security while also addressing user convenience. Some websites (like most online banking websites), require you to login to the website every 10 minutes without any activity. We don't want you to always stay logged in, because it creates a security risk for others to access your account if you forget to logout on a public device/computer.

When you login to ArtWanted, we have been remembering your login information for 14 days, so you only need to login twice a month. For some members that voted for this idea, this is still too much. Because of this idea request, we have updated our code, so you only have to login once a month going forward. This still provides a secure website, but less annoying to always be logging in.

As a reminder, if you ever login to ArtWanted on a public computer or a friend's computer, be sure to logout to keep your account safe.

12 September, 2017
  • Anneke Hut
  • 12 Sep 2017

Original Post: Log in

Dear Artwanted, I would like to stay logged in on this site. I post a lot of anonymous comments lately, because for years I never needed to watch whether I was logged in or not.

I don't know what changed, but it's really annoying that I'm logged out all the time.