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26 September, 2022
  • Christine Selmon

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What Conyest are currently still open to submitting at the current moment ? Thank you Christine Selmon

04 July, 2016
  • Staff
  • 04 Jul 2016

Original Post: Art Contests are Back!

We are very excited to announce the return of the Art Contests! Several times a month we will be posting a new art contest with a different theme (usually on Monday’s).

Artists and photographers are encouraged to submit their own artwork that matches the theme of the contest. The artwork submitted may be art you have done in the past, or may be a new piece of new art you create just for the contest.

We will accept contest entries for two weeks after the contest is announced and then have a full week of voting for those entries. Voting is open to all members. The votes will be calculated and the winner will be announced on the website and the contest entries will be sorted by most popular vote. The top winner will be given a small prize and all participants will receive more exposure to their artwork and a link back to their portfolio.

We encourage all members to check out the contests on a regular basis and participate in them. The art contests are found inside the message boards under the "Art Contests" category.

Submit your contest ideas on the following message post.

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