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14 July, 2011


Dear African Art & Photography members, due to other commitments I am unable to keep this group up to dateā€¦. and need a member to step in. This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone looking to promote themselves, their art and the art of othe...

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22 March, 2011


If your artwork happens to be an ACEO's or OSWOA as well as funny, please join our new group called 'ACEO & OSWOA movement too.

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20 March, 2011

African Art & Photography

It has been a while since I worked on this group, my sincere apologies... Welcome to all the new members! I will be making some changes shortly so do check back. Thank you, Lucia Stewart.

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20 October, 2009

New African Art Online Paintings Gallery is a new, online, contemporary African Art Paintings Gallery Store that centers on quality works of original fine art created by African painters. Here you can shop amongst over 400 Original African paintings by 40 di...

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