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17 January, 2009

How does your download have a DUTCH TOUCH?

If you are placing a download of your work in this group, please indicate how it has a "Dutch Touch." Wishing all Members of DOUBLE DUTCH TOUCH a Wonderful and creative 2009! *Love and Light~OLGA...

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10 December, 2008

How to download from your portfolio to this artist group

To download an existing picture from your portfolio into an Artist Group is simple; you don't have to download your image again. Go to your MEMBERS AREA Go to your picture and click on the little pencil on the Right (EDIT) Then you'll find t...

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29 July, 2008

WELCOME TO Double Dutch Touch

Welcome to this new art group of ArtWanted. I hope lots of artists, who love Holland as much as I do, will join this wonderful art group. Please post your comments and pictures! Love and Light~OLGA VAN DIJK...

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28 July, 2008


JAN KOLLING will have a show in NEW YORK! (when is the exact date Jan? End of August beginning of September 2008?) DIGITALISM 1, the second Exhibition at the New Physical Art-Gallery of the Museum of Computer Art ( MOCA ) in Brooklyn New York. ...

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28 July, 2008
  • Ai Shan
  • 26 Jul 2008
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Removed work

How odd I oploaded the photo of the wind mill and now it's gone. Can someone explain please? Thanks!

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