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29 September, 2016

Why did you choose Black & White over Colour?

I want to ask this question to see other people perspective.

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25 September, 2016

Is this group dead

No offence but if no one is gonna talk in this group or comment on the pictures posted, why are we here? Hope to hear from ya'll soon!!!

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22 July, 2010

Hatch hand hell

So if you see my poster art, you'll know I do a lot of hatching. Would go higher; these are always on a short deadline, so I have to quit at some point, and just make it work as an image. BUT after hours of hatching: OUCH! I have four-inch wrists ...

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22 July, 2010

Need Feedback

If anyone looks-thanks & God bless. Jason

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09 July, 2010

Hello everyone

Hi I'm new to this site and invite everyone here in the group to view my work. Let me know what you think. I do all my work in black ink only and have done everything from cartoons to wilderness to portraits will be posting alot more artwork here in ...

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23 April, 2010

artwork that can exercise the mind

Hi, Just thought i should say a quick hello and introduce myself.I am a self taught artist and creator of the imagination pictures +brand and have been working on some amazing mind game pictures and colouring poster mind games for children and adult...

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08 June, 2009

New to the group

Hi I have just joined this group, you are welcome to make a comment about my Art work or contact me.

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25 September, 2008

just joined...

hi, i've only just joined, and trying to find my way round...get to know people,say "hi" i work in mono quite often, depends on how my mood takes me...not sure i'm up to the same standards as some here, though! all ggod fun! sharon...

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21 August, 2008

Just wanted to say hi

I was lookin at pic and started to wonder y hasnt anyone posted yet so I decided to be the first

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