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26 May, 2013

Welcome new members! :)

Hello Terry, Evelyn and Susan, thank you all very much you for joining this group! Have a seat and a coffee and please share your thoughts. I'm just a beginner in reading the bible, I hope we can learn from each other. :) Peace and love, ...

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16 February, 2009

prof. Horner's bible-reading system

I found this bible reading system that I've been using all week. Today is the sixth day and after today I'll have read sixty chapters, Imagine that. It sounds like a lot and it is but it's easy with this system. I actually skipped one day but I doubl...

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05 September, 2008

Re: Christian poems?

I would just like to ask if the members of this group could post a poem of encouragement. One poem per member?

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22 August, 2008

John 17

A friend asked me to read and give my opinion to John 17, the passage in the bible where Jesus is praying to his Father. He has just been talking to his disciples and He knows the time has come that he will soon return to His Father. This whole...

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11 August, 2008

Mark 10:17-29

The subject for discussion I would like to introduce is Mark 10:17-29 I think these passages are important in relation to the Revelation. If we want to be among the chosen ones then we should at least know what is expected from us. It wo...

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10 August, 2008

Good links to read the Bible!

Here are some links to pages where you can read the bible online. They are provided by the members, I would like to ask everyone who's reading to add yours too! :) Anneke Here they are: View Post
10 August, 2008

John 15

Every day I have a prayer sent to me by email. The prayers are always inspired by a passage in the bible. Today it was John 15:5 ::::"I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you stay joined to me, and I stay joined to you, then you will pro...

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28 July, 2008


How much do you think your Father in Heaven needs your hands to spread the word, your eyes, mouth, emotions, laughter, and in all these things he's made strong in our willingness to do his will. So how much - in all you do do it to the glory of th...

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18 July, 2008

Dobson Link

Hello ~ just a link someone may enjoy..... Dr. James Dobson

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