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04 February, 2012

Web Site Links to Our Group Have Been Added

I'm very pleased to announce I've created a new web site and blog. I've added a link to our Visionary Art Group here:

I've also written a blog post inviting everyone to visit us, offer support, and bookmark our pages. Here's the blog:

Please visit, read the posts, and leave your comments. This should be an exciting way to get us all more good attention for our work.

I also wrote about the blog entry about this group on my Art by Joyce Jackson Facebook page found here:!/ArtbyJoyceJackson

Be sure to visit and leave your comments there also.

Who would like to do reciprocal links? I would love it if any of you who has a website would post a link to my new web site. I'll put a link to your ws on my Links page in exchange for a link to mine on your Links page. Please also leave me a like on my FB page, send me a link to yours and I'll do the same. Thanks, and have a great weekend!