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04 February, 2011

New Category Needed !

Hello everyone, and please let me welcome you to the Nautical Artists group, and thank you for joining! I would like to envite everyone to send a note to Art Wanted Staff, asking them to add a new category entitled "Nautical, Marine,Seascapes" As you have noticed, we must now place our work in "Landscapes" of "Underwater" categories, which really do not fit our work, unless of course, our ships & boats SINK !! LOL Thanks, and very nice meeting you all !


Nancy Perkins 23 Feb 2011

Hi Dr., Would Mermaids come under its own title or under whimsical?

DR LaVoie 14 Mar 2011

Hello Nancy, regarding the Mermaids, I would tend to think they would come under the "Undersea Life" category, but could also be added to the "Whimsical" as well. Thank you for joining, and PLEASE...let us see more of your fabulous ship paintings ! DR LaVoie

Kirk Larsen 13 May 2011

Maritime & Nautical seems the right term