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16 July, 2008

Humorous illustrations

Make me laugh... welcoming new members!


Kerra Lindsey 16 Jul 2008

Hi, Lucia! Wow! What a wonderful new feature! I can't wait to scroll through everything and look around at all the changes. Wonderful group--thanks for the invite! :)


brenden howard 16 Jul 2008

yea,i agree theres alot of new items to look at,this group idea is cool to,thanks for the invite lucia, ill just have to work out how to put images on it

Lucia Stewart 16 Jul 2008

Welcome Kerra and Brenden! Happy to have you on board! Lucia.X

Lucia Stewart 19 Jul 2008

Brenden, simply edit your images by selecting a group in your members area and they'll show up in your groups! Need help just ask! Lucia.

Nikolaus 29 Oct 2008

Does my art fit in here or do I need to move different group? Thanks.

Lucia Stewart 20 Mar 2011

If your art has a sense of humor... you are welcome to post your work here!