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Self Portrait

I was Born in Boston, MA Jan 3, 1956 and then moved across the bay to Squantum in Quincy. I had no formal training in the arts other than a drawing and painting class or 2 in High School. My Dad gave me my first camera, a manual shutter Konica rangefinder with no light meter, when I was 16. It was one he got during the Korean War and though it was 20 years old when he gave it to me I cherish it to this day. At 21 I bought darkroom equipment including a Besler 23C enlarger. Over the years I also painted in watercolors but it was more off than on until about a year ago (2006). After another extended session of unemployment I decided I wanted to get better artistically and worked harder at it. I also knew I needed to take some lessons and am fortune that Elaine Farmer in Londonderry, NH had a spot open for me. I'm now doing both watercolors and oils and I try and use my own photography work as a reference. In May 2007 I participated in my first Art Exhibit 'Art in Action', in Londonderry, NH.

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