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Media blurb: Mary Cardenas Wells creates original artwork that mainstream audiences find refreshing and appealing. Often using a rich media application her work conveys emotional images that viewers find intriguing. Mary's creative philosophy is "Graphics for the bread and butter; fine art for the soul. Working by day as an award-winning designer; Mary exclaims "it's nice to put the mouse down and get my hands dirty every once in a while! Her fans agree keeping a close eye on her online gift shop; her hand-made jewelry; and her collection of original miniature art to large-scale paintings which began to exhibit at M2 Gallery - August '06. Mary's creativity comes from multiple influences. Born to a singer/songwriter mother and influenced by her painter/poet aunt; she was raised in California and obtained her degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute. Mary's work often combines historic events or artwork with current cultural influences; combining unique images and textures to produce fascinating results. Mary's painted signature is MACWELLS. She has worked as a creative designer for companies such as American General Financial Group; Reliant Energy; and has freelanced for Gulf Publishing; Texas Children's Hospital; GS Marketing and El Paso Energy. Look for Mary's art; and that of her daughter Lauren's soon; whose own products have sold by the dozens in her online gift shop as well.

m a r y c . w e l l s

creative designer, aka: macwells

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