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2004 I am colaborating first of all with CineCittà in Rome for the animation and modelation of characters and VFXs for 3D Cartoons and Films. I am creating a new NWN server wich contain a lot of models made by me (Riding Horses, Riding Dragons, Skavens, Caos Warriros, Weapons, Armors and other things).

2002-2003 Collaboration for the development, with Animundi srl  CineCittà (, for a new way of animation in cartoons, named PMS. I planned with Animundi srl the development of a Vectorial Graphic Softhware for the animation named VEA.

Collaboration with Animundi srl to the creation of a pilot for the project of TV Series Micromondo.

Collaboration with Animundi srl to the creation of the TV/WEB Series E-Fox the detective of the ImpAssibile working with the modelation and animation of the 3D with Lightwave 3D e 3D Studio Max, and finding the optimal Plug-In for the bidimensional rendering of the product.

2001-2000 Development of a new way of technic of animation with computers for Animhouse of Rome. Creation of 3D models with Lightwave for the TV Series I SAURINI, wich it was select to Forum Cartoon inside the program MEDIA of the European Comunity.

1999 Creation, for the SIGNS & WONDER of Toronto, of 3D models with 3D MAX and Lightwave 3D for the TV Series Lil Dudes

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