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I am 20 years old, I am interested in being a network administrator when I grow up, and do PC repair work, and suff like that. If everything goes my way, I'd like to be an aspiring writer to dazzle the masses with my words and phrases... :) Although I have a keen interest with computers, art is still something inside of me that really and truly allows somone to express themself for other people to see in it's truest sence. I especially like to get inside other people's artworks.

Unlike my dad, I am left handed, I do not know if that is good or bad, but all I know is that when I'm writing, my hand always gets smudged by pencil. Left handed artists unite!

My talent comes from my dad, Dennis Karchner, if you like my artwork, then thank him for it. =)

You should look for him on this site as well.

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