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I view my gift of art as coming from God, and not from my own self. I believe he instilled into my being an interest and appreciation to ‘see’. I don’t think that the talent is in the hand, but in the heart, mind, and eyes. The inspired interest and unfailing love for art forms has enabled me to work hard and explore its diversities with complete joy and fulfillment. I thank Him and give Him praise for this gift and all of His abundant Grace and love.

For me, art is total expression. Color, design, and mood are all relative in the moment. Each blank canvas or paper has its own image meant to be. When I paint, I can see what I am creating before I start. Much of my work is variety. Non typical. My choices for subject matter are determined in that moment or prompting. My techniques are unconventional with my goal being in each piece to paint an internal expression of how I interpret Gods creation through the eyes of mans advancements. I love color and to explore any medium thrills me. It's always an adventure! BIO Fine artist Lelia DeMello was born in Boston MA and raised on Cape Cod. Her personality and interests as a young girl were diverse. From playing ice Hockey on one the US's first female teams to being a concert violinist in the Boston Pops Junior Symphony. Art was always a thread that was a constant. She moved to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii in 1982. Lelia's professional career began in 1987 with her first solo show. Since that time, over 980 original paintings have been acquired by collectors from all over the world. CEO's, Politicians, Celebrities, Production Companies, and Exclusive Resorts have acquired and commissioned her work. Lelia has had 11 sell out solo shows and has also shown her work in numerous group and museum exhibitions. Lelia is known as a colorist. She is self taught and uses her instinct to create semblance and balance in her work. She loves to create oversized, large paintings. They have impact in her opinion. 'People have an immediate reaction to her work.' says kevin Nunne (Owner-Montage Galleries, HI). Lelias' paintings are filled with fluid, vibrancy. She creates her art from the heart. She exhibits in Florida, Hawaii, Vail, Colorado Springs, and Denver CO.

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