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Very blessed to be doing something we love to do so it doesn't feel like work. I was born December 26, 1974 in mount carmel Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up on the south end of columbus which is known now as victorian village off of parsons ave. On Forest st. with a loving mother, father, and two older brothers. Photography was something I was interested in at a very young age. We lived by no means wealthy but loving, and hard working father who taught us nothing is given to you, people respect hard working and men of their word. Growing up through the years I gravitated towards sports, having fun with friends, and that is where I met the love of my life, Stephanie Evans was her name. My wife made me the luckiest man in the world on September 13, 2003 after permantely dating for 13 yrs ( my fault for waiting so long) and we have now been married 13 yrs this year for a total of 26 fabulous years together. My son was gifted to the two of us on April 22, 2006. Our most memorable years for us have been watching him grow into the fine young man he is today. My father taught me at an early age property maintenance which I currently do today. The last six years have been challenging to say the least for my wife, son, and I with cancer in the families. We have unfortunately lost a staggering 12 family members to the disease. That is when photography and God found me. My father passed on September 29, 2016 to her father passing on june 31, 2018 being the final family member to leave us. I picked up a camera and haven't put it down since.

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