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Thanks for stopping by.

I have always loved taking pictures,and sometimes I get lucky and they turn out pretty good.:-)

I also do a bit of pencil art and am venturing into water color and oil pastels. Someday I would also like to try oil and acrylic painting.

My family and I live in Wallowa county, located in the north eastern corner of Oregon. The Wallowa Vally is one of the prettiest places I have ever been to, and is a photographers and artists paradise.

05/2007 Update Unfortunately we had to leave the valley due to my husbands health and we now live in the Beaverton OR. area.

I would like to thank in advance, those of you who take the time to view, vote and leave comments on my photos and or artwork. I don't always get to everyone individually to offer my thanks. And then again sometimes I slip and thank them twice. lol I appreciate any critique or positive critisim that will help me improve in my art and photograpy endeavers.

When I view the work of others, I try to vote honestly and fairly to the best of my judgement and hope to recieve the same.


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