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Self Portrait

I raised my family, finished a career as science instructor, and went back to school to study art, at the ripe old age of 65. Soon after I discovered that I had a God-given talent, my husband became terminally ill, so I had to put things on hold and be a caregiver until he passed away. My love for painting got me through some of the rough times while grieving. Then, a year after my husband died, a kind man contacted me, right here, on Art Wanted. He found out I lived only 40 miles from him, and many other things in common. To make a long story short, we have been on a 5-year honeymoon, having the time of our lives, doing what we love best, what our aging bodies will allow. I put my art on personalized greeting cards, in addition to commissioned paintings. Our home is my gallery. I'm making a small mark on this world, leaving behind pieces of art, here and there, even on my late husband's tombstone. Those marks on the world will fade away, but but the marks will last a little longer than sidewalk chalk drawings, haha

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