Artist Bio

Self Portrait

My art career, I guess you would call it, began in 1997 when I first attended art lessons. After a year of public lessons I took one year of lessons with Parry Sound local Artist Carol Cascanette. She taught me how to properly render the forms and values found in nature. After completing a year of these lessons I returned to the public lessons held by various other local artists. During this time I developed my skills further until I entered high school. I passionately attended these classes and went on to complete more then 10 pieces ranging from sculpture to acrylic and oil paintings. Throughout the years from my very first lesson, up to the completion of high school I sold over 15 different pieces (animals painted on stones), donated 1 piece to a fundraising event at Killbear Park, helped design and paint the backdrop for a high school collaborated play "Anne of Green Gables", and had various pieces displayed in local art galleries for numerous art shows. After a few year hiatus from art (attending University) I have slowly gotten back into my art. Currently my artistic skills are best employed doing personal commission pieces for homes, and tattoo designs.

Artist Highlights