Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Southwest Missouri Watercolorist Kathleen Neff has worked from her inNOVAtions Studio for over 50 years. In addition to Traditional Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Graphite and Conte combine for Mixed Media works while Polymer Clay Sculpture and 'Fiber and Found' Needleweaving provide Dimensional Forms of Expression.

Born in rural Iowa, the artist gained experience and insight through a regimen of self-study,and by joining other artists in juried exhibits. Residency in diverse areas of the midwest and south led to the observation and appreciation of regional landscape and atmospheric grandeur.

Currently pursuing a self-conducted series of Sketch Crawls year-round provides subject matter in all seasons. A certain fascination with things 'historic' and nostalgia in general is represented frequently in her drawings, illustrations, and paintings.

Experience includes: Graphic Design for Printing, Book Illustration, Pre-Print and Layout Artist, Prototype Sculptor for Reproduction Collectibles, Art Workshops and Demonstrations in association with her inNOVAtions Studio, Juried Art and Craft Shows, Festivals and Online Gallery Shops; Art in Public Places Installations and Rotating Exhibits.

The Artist's Statement: "My purpose is singular: Translating what I see and feel in terms that can be 'read' as a work of art. Always I hope that others are moved as I am, but whether that happens or not, I will have succeeded in my purpose: I have had my 'say' in the matter of life as art. Please Enjoy!" Kathleen Neff, Marshfield, MO

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