Artist Bio

Self Portrait

started drawing and painting from a very young age. fond first memories are of finger painting, doodling and flipping through art books. I was drawn to colour like a moth to a flame. I was obsessed by light and shape.

I never lost that obsession. I followed it through the years, and by my late teens years I was still drawing and starting to sell work.

Over the years I have left and returned to my art, personally and professionally, many times.

Now I have returned and I plan to stay. I have a passion for our planet and the wonderous beings we share it with. I believe we need to reconnect with nature. Especially now.

She is a guiding force, teaching patience, respect, awe and the idea that we, as humans beings, should revel in our abilities and yet remain humbly mindful of our part in this ineffable universe.

I am exploring the wild beauty of our earth, the sentience and soul of our fellow animals, and the divine to be found in those wonders.

I am currently playing with acrylics, but enjoy drawing in ink/pen, pencil, and pastels.

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