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Born 1970 as son of a fotographer I made my first fotos very early, learned b/w fotography from my father, always eager for a new shot that could be impressing. I also experimented with painting..oil pastel, charcoal and pencil...all this for me is a language for expressing what I feel, that is written in the international language of art that everybody could understand with his mind - without words..that´s the magic of art I like.. "I´m not a perfect painter - when I would be perfect I would die" - Salvadore Dali. If u like my art please vote - thanx Painting for me is a process of visionary expressing myself - often I´m astonished what comes from me and make form of it..until I like what I see. I´m impressed by the colors of van Gogh, the surealistic ideas of Dali and Miro, I like the Huichol art of visions.

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