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Lately on the "artist response" I've noticed the response for another artist there, even before I commented. Please correct this Failure! I don't like the Way Your crops System is working. Failed Again! John you have it set where nobody can leave a comment to this. It's very very good. xoxo I Have not ever gotten and Answer to why I connot load my Paintings Today! John Adam Cappello [email protected] y friend Thanks a lot for your e-mails! The non-reactivity of AW is driving me mad. Many are leaving the site for numerous reasons. First because they pay and do not get in return what they were supposed to.Then the staff of AW is NEVER answering. Many have the impression it is just here to take the money and no more.At last, after many bugs or hacker attacks, they are unable to solve current problems. At present time we do not receive the notification of the comments on our private mail box and we even cannot thank those who posted the comments directly on AW in clicking on Reply. I have written AW many times, but I am not sure I have found the right and sharp words to express my dissatisfaction. I have just renewed my Premium Membership, but I have the feeling that if things are continuing so, we will be a rather small group still posting on AW. 4 pages only yesterday!!! We have known better days! Well, could you do me a favour, John? Could you write a STRONG message to AW on Community ( and ask everybody to put a word on it (like a kind of petition) via an image of you (painting or photo). You are the most popular artist (and this is fully deserved) on this site and many of us will follow you to constraint AW to improve their service and to “repair” our so much convivial site.Dear Richard & Marie I Will contact Art Wanted Thank You my friends for Your very Nice commentaries and for your unfailing kindness and support! I Agree This is Terrible That Art wanted is going to lose it's cients, All i Can think to do is to Wait things out After awhile it should get better or We should all switch to Red Bubble? Huge hugs my friends Keep me informed if you agree or not. Thank you in advance, my friend!!I wish you a wonderful days!

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