Artist Bio

All of my images are made using a combination of sketches, scans, computer software, and are made solely by me. My style is designed to be a soft animation look.

I create my artwork by first developing and sketching an idea for the image. I then scan the image into the computer and use software programs to further refine the idea and the artwork.

I have been making this style of artwork since 2000, though many of my earlier images were humorous or comic-book style images. By 2003, I had developed a main subject for my artwork: the character called "Tabby". By 2007, I had refined the character into three versions: the first one has long hair, the second version has short hair and glasses, and the third version is a combination of the first two, with both long hair and glasses.

When creating my artwork, I usually start with a rough idea of how I want the piece to look. I sketch Tabby a rough pose and start thinking about ideas for clothing. Of course, if the piece will be a portrait-style shot, then clothing usually isn't needed.

When I've finished sketching out the piece, I then scan it into the computer. I then fill in the details and the colors. I sometimes adjust the piece by changing the "camera angle" by "zooming in" or "zooming out". Sometimes this kind of adjustment helps me create a piece better than I had originally planned!

Most of my artwork is available for sale, ranging in size from very large (24"x36") to small (8.5"x11"), to a few sizes in-between.

Artist Highlights