Artist Bio

I live in Columbus OH. Studied at Edinboro University of PA in art. I've worked in Comic Book style art all my life. Abstracts are the newest style I've been exploring for awhile.

My artwork is made to make the viewer think. To step in a new world that has never been seen before. I believe art should be hard to look away from. The more you look the more you see and feel. When you look away from one of my pieces the image is still dancing in your head, and the emotions are running wild. My aim is to add a new style of contemporary art though the langue of color, depth, balance, and flow. Balance and flow are very important to me in my art. Everything I place in a piece is there for a reason and helps the overall composition. The vibrant colors and depth intrigue the views imagination. This portrays the new world that pulls you into the art in a new way. Coming from a background of very tight realism drawings, and illustrations. My abstracts I create reflect the precise, calculated placement of shapes and emotions throughout the piece. To give my art a new out look and feel. I hope my art inspires you in your life and can give you a new perspective of what contemporary art can achieve.

I had 3 of the pieces stolen in Italy in the beginning of June, so this is the only print I have of them. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Artist Highlights