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I am a self taught artist; mostly attracted to the oil medium because of the texture and blending effects possible. I enjoy working from life with plein air landscapes and still life. I am a very spontaneous painter. I paint alla prima, Italian meaning first time. This is a method where the artist captures the image in one sitting, letting each stroke of paint stand as is. This contrasts the traditional method of letting it dry and applying many glazes until finished. Painting is important to me because of the emotional process I experience with each painting. A painting begins when something attracts my attention and I feel a longing to experience it. A painting is successful when I have seen beyond the object and shifted my awareness in order to understand it as shapes, lines, values and color. When this occurs it can be a very rewarding and meditative experience. Each painting representing that moment in time. Painting from life is one of the most challenging and enjoyable things an artist can do. Thanks for looking.

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