Artist Bio

Artistname: Irma Michaela Szalkay, Austria Her background as a university-trained philosopher (philosophy of shape) guides her using both modernist and postmodernist syntaxes as points of departure. As an awarded artist she has exhibited in both the Europe and US, including Austria, Germany, Italy, New York,Alexandria, Washington, D.C., California and Florida. Acknowledgements, Awards, Prices Honorable Award – 1. iBIENNAL 2010; Diploma of Excellence - Honorable Award, Art 2010; Diploma of Excellence 2007, 2009; Certificate of Excellence - Palm Award 2006, 2008; 6th Annual Media Juried Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC 2004 (Joe Shannon, Curator)

"I have recently been introduced to your work, and I must say I'm very impressed. It's an interesting blend of Pollock and Rauschenberg..." (Robert M. Berry Senior Curator | Icosahedron Gallery 2011).

“I am specifically interested in your intuitive and profound thoughts on pathos, physicality, and the innovative nature of Reflexionism. Your overture appears to be immersed in the culture of painting and its potential for alchemical transformation. A new breed of painting the work invites viewers to a world full of vibrant colors and mysterious visages. Gracefully incorporating picturesque elements into the paintings you create landscapes and dreamscapes that stand for a reality observed through both yours and the viewers own vision. Looking closer at your theories and ideas, an article would explore and evaluate how you have seamlessly managed to create a signature of Neo-expressionist mark-making, which is fused with an almost primitive and outsider honesty. You achieve a topographical mapping of personal subjectivity, memory, and phenomenological experience using both modernist and postmodernist syntaxes as points of departure. When combined with the deeply conceptual, and spiritual nature of your work this becomes a fusion of styles and approaches that adroitly reference a range of art historical antecedents, while surpassing them at every turn“ (Abraham Lubelski, publisher, NY Arts Magazine).

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