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Another Lead-In image to my Atrocities Series.....for the section Genocide. What man has done to each other over the centuries.


Anonymous Guest

Nira Dabush 14 Apr 2020

Your work is very powerful, Thomi.. I guess this time can be inspiring for you, as I know you.

annette steens 16 May 2012

Excellent creation Thom about what is happening on earth still to this day..... Never give up hope so the unconditional love!

Nira Dabush 24 Sep 2010

powerful STRONG concept. A way to go... bravo, my friend, Thomi.

Emily Reed 23 Sep 2010

Incredibly powerful artwork!

Olga van Dijk 23 Sep 2010

So very p o w e r f u l .... my pod Thom... Love and Light for all who suffered and still suffer, Moi