Universal Orb

One of a kind recycled material mobile.A baby crib spring was used to shape an orb and then found objects, a rock, a root, bulbs, copper wire and parts from clocks, computers and a cash register make up the interest that can be viewed for hours.

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jerry carlin 13 Sep 2010

Stevie, welcome to ArtWanted, always nice to meet another metal worker! (nice work! BIG, I like that!)

Artist Reply: I hope this isn't the first time that I thanked you for the greeting. There are so many programs that I have running and only so many hours in a day to get to everything! I hope that your art is running strong as the economy gets a little better all the time! I personally have trouble choosing between my talents, painting, photography and sculpture. I would run with the one that sells the most right now as it has been a tough two years in the art world however I'm only teased in each of the categories pretty evenly. Last week I was painting murals, this week I had an order for a framed photograph and a painting. I know this leaves sculpture out but I love working with that as well and not sure I could ever put that down either. As an artist I really do hate decisions! Take care and Enjoy the Journey! Stevie