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Tvuna - Intelligence

The Cargo / Anon writer.
When your life starts, your cargo a small hand bag.
As the years go by, the cargo is getting bigger to a suitcase.
Because there are many thing you collect on your way.
Since you think these things are so important.
In the way, at a certain moment, it become unbearable to carry so many things.
You can choose to sit beside the way and wait for someone to come help you
This is not reasonable / logical
Because everyone that is going through there, has his/her own cargo
It is possible you'll wait there WHOLE LIFE... OR,
You'll choose to make ease of the heaviness... by taking out things from your suitcase.
But what will you take out?
First, take it ALL Out of the suitcase, and check whats IN...SIDE
Friendship, LOVE, Friendship, LOVE, Friendship, LOVE......
Unbelievable A LOT, But weight NONE !!!
But there's something very heavy
You're doing efforts to get it out... it is THE ANGER... It is SO HEAVY!
You continue to take it Out, more and more.
And then you find : lack of understanding, fear, pessimism.
At this moment the despair, almost succeed to drag you into the suitcase. But you drag him with ALL YOUR POWER... And a smile appear, that is pushed to the end of the suitcase and almost disappear. Another SMILE is jumping outside... And HAPPINESS revealed immediately after. Again you check your suitcase and take out the SADNESS... Now, you must search for the patience in the suitcase because you'll need it...
Now search for the rest: strength, hope, courage, enthusiasm, balance, responsibility, tolerance and forbearance .
Take OUT the worry, and leave it aside. Later you'll decide what to do with it...
Your suitcase is ready to rearrange.. BUT You must think what to put inside!! It depends only IN YOU, It is only in your hands!!
AND, You must never forget to do so more times..............
Since the way is so long !
So when did you last SMILE ?
This image, is part of a study series of photos. Spring-Summer 2010.
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

M Smith 07 Apr 2011

Beautiful photo; beautiful words!

Glenn Ray 19 Nov 2010

Beautiful picture and wonderful works

Steve Farr 07 Sep 2010

Great words and imagery, Nira!!`S

John Cappello 24 Aug 2010

Love the Title and contents Dear Nira, RIVETING, Undoubtedly pleasing, it remains a pleasure to View as each new offering reaffirms her status as one of the best artist and most reliable.

KC CHANG 24 Aug 2010