Who is Going in a Leisure Suit...

"Who is Going in a Leisure Suit in Malibu's Californian Reflection to Lead the Heifer Along the Bayeux Stereogram (Alphanumeric Relic of Grammar School)" is copyright ©2004 by Daniel C. Boyer. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Oct 2007

Wow, I had no idea my carpet was fine art... If anyone wan't to buy this piece in blue i've got about 1000 sq. ft. covering my floor boards.

Christine brand 13 Feb 2006

I think I understand the lack of individuality that these very threads and fibers can give the spirit...Very creative work...it is felt in the colors and the lack of design and form! Wow! Clever! Or maybe I have lost it all together. In which case, again I feel the loss of suit in the gray...Where am I??? LOL!!!

Thom Roslan 12 Sep 2005

"lOOks just like the "material....EXCELLENT!!!

Kathleen Kelly 31 Oct 2004

Did you forget to paint?

Lindy van den Bosch 08 Oct 2004

That looks like your carpet.