Beyond Orion's Belt 03

60 x 80 cm, Water soluble Oil
A nebula is a sort of star generator and seems an appropriate beginning for a series on Natural Phenomenon; like the birthplace of the stories that surround natural phenomenon.

Orion's nebula is one of the most beautiful and colourful nebula and is just beyond the constellation Orion. I used a little artistic license and reversed their positions so I could feature the nebula. Including the constellation to give painting a sense of place and purpose.

Considering the vastness of space and it's origins soon becomes overwhelming in terms of mans need to be in control.

We are self-centered creatures, humans.

How did cosmic bodies get there? How does that relate to us? How big is the Universe? I painted the Nebula as a triptych to give a sense of it's immensity.

Orion hunts eternally. His punishment/reward for befriending the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

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Beatrix Jahn 21 Jul 2010

Beautiful...........stunning colors!

Artist Reply: Thank you. This was my first time using water mixable oil paint. I love it!