Artemis Moon

20 x 25 cm

Artemis/Diana is my namesake goddess. As the goddess of the moon, she also watches over maidens as well as her friend, Orion.

"Beyond Orion's Belt" is a companion piece to this in the "Phenomenal Reality" series.

Artemis and Orion became hunting buddies, but she caused him to be turned into a constellation when her twin brother, Apollo, became jealous of the time they spent together. He arranged to have him stung by a scorpionbut Artemis intervened and both Orion and the scorpion became constellations. However they are in opposite parts of the night sky and never come in contact.

I like that she is independent of yet somewhat watchful of her friend.


Anonymous Guest

Elinborg Jonsdottir 16 Feb 2015

Love mystic art , lovely !

Loredana 22 Jul 2010

Very Lovely :)

Artist Reply: Thank you

Jerry Lee Cline 21 Jul 2010

Great work....Great Gallery...You are welcome to look through my gallery if you so wish....Jerry Lee

Artist Reply: Thank you Jerry. That is kind of you.