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Good Morning, Bologna!

Four friends meet for coffee Sunday morning. They read the local newspaper of Bologna “Il Resto del Carlino”. It is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy. Its name means “The change you get from a carlino (little Charles) coin. What do they talk about? Politics? Maybe the chances of Italy to win the match vs. New Zealand this afternoon? They don’t know yet they will be disappointed at the end of the day… The photo was taken on June 20, 2010.


Anonymous Guest

Emily Reed 15 Jul 2010

An interesting group of gentlemen!

Nancy Dadisman 14 Jul 2010

Such Italian faces. great shot!

Warren Ballard 14 Jul 2010

Very nice human interest photo Lilli. Reminds me of our breakfast group every morning, except we aren't as well dressed as these guys.

Beatrix Jahn 14 Jul 2010

What a lovely scene........missed this before!