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This work will start my series about internet abuse. For quite some time, I wanted to deal with the subject here.
AND SO.. I will post more in future, as the time allows me.
I feel the subject is IMPORTANT, To say the least.
I decided to start with this simple design ( maybe will be a T-shirt).
As you know I love colours, and these 3 colours are also loved colours of mine, without no connection to what they "symbolize". I mean I chose them here for a difficult subject, but I'm going to use these colours to other subjects which are more sympathetic, without no connection to what they represent in my mind- in this work.

This is comparing diagram.

Imagine, that people, who hold POWER, in their pockets for example, will manage to "READ" your mails without you know it...
Imagine that those same "people" will hire services of someone to listen to your phones.
Believe it, or not - This can happen.. and much more.. in internet era.
People might be obsessed with you, from one or other reason, and might try to take every piece of privacy from you, that they can.. It may be a fact. If it is a fact, probably it might influence your life.
Perhaps someone wish to control you, or your life.............In the name of... ----------- you name it.
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Wishing my visitors the best.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Part of a story I've heard recently..
Once she asked him: " If such thing, would have happen to your darling daughter, what would you do?..
He answered : " Such thing will never happen to my daughter" - with his thunderous silence ..
She said to him :" It can happen to everyone, in internet... "

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Anonymous Guest

Caballero Salguero 03 Sep 2011

Great work and title... with a nice composition full of high quality, texture of art conceptual and lovely vanguard Nira. Wonderful. Good morning from Spain, Pepe!

craig moline 07 Mar 2011

Wonderful looking design,Nira. Yeah, I hear ya. and to me it's called NWO. New World Order. And only to get worse!

LouAnn Knight 30 Jun 2010

How ironic that something to pretty (colors, texture, design) represents something so ugly.. theft, intrusion, manipulation.. Humanity can be to beautiful and yet so NOT!!!

John Cappello 29 Jun 2010


Geoff Cooper 29 Jun 2010

Very striking Nira, keep up the good work..

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Geoff... regards.