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My cat, Sirena, was kind enough yesterday, and allowed me to take her photos without falling asleep ;-))
Of - course as I look now, she's very near me, sleeping.
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Anonymous Guest

Karen Helsing 27 Aug 2012

She's so cute!

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 21 Jul 2012

mmmmm i use to have one of them kind...sad i had to live her behind, with my ex... during moving to Gold c...from Melbourne....

Mary Janosik 27 Jun 2010

Bless her heart!!! Calicos live how they please!! We have had 3, and I miss each one.... :-))

LouAnn Knight 26 Jun 2010

How perky she looks and just so suave in her very comfortable pose!! Such a beauty. Hope you have painted her for posterity!!!

Caballero Salguero 25 Jun 2010

The cat Sirena is name Spanish, Sephardic... Sirena very deep 18 years,the life is miserable Nira,splendid photograph,very cute and beautiful, terrific, hugs from Spain, José