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The Circle of Zimatar

14X17 - the circle is the means by which each galaxy exists each panel is a time and each panel has its space

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Anonymous Guest

G Durich 01 Dec 2016


Marcus Matthew 30 Jan 2015

Very cool, great work

Johnnie Jumper III 30 Jan 2015

Thanks to you I went to the art store and got me some paper and Prismacolors today. I will be posting drawings again soon. By the way , all these pieces that you did in this style are super cool !

Anonymous Guest 05 Apr 2014

I totally get your point, HG, but my coanmmtery is more about the hype of the big comic death than anything else. It's the type of things that marginalizes superhero and genre fiction, and honestly is a lazy trope. And while I expect his scripts to be better crafted, I highly doubt he's going to cover much ground that DeFalco didn't the last time we killed off a member of the FF for a year or two.

Lori Andrews 17 Oct 2013

Gosh, sooooo much work and detail! Awesome!