THE EYES OF the MAN WHO WAS CRYING IN the RIVER Ana Paula Tavares and Manuel Jorge Marmelo Lisbon, Publishing Way, 135 p., 2005. … " The solution walks now to the freeing and of her they bring near the girl, the printer and the figures that are left. They all are in the edge. When the breeze was put on as white - when the silk flattering, dancing the blue hairs-, the girl goes that it takes off, walks with light steps that are almost one to flatter lightly and low-flying. He smiles and does not know well why. It advances with the inflated chest, the raised head '. … ' The figures are in the right threshold of the land, turned to the waters, and the girl does not see them, not since they had turned him the back, not because of being invisible to the glance of the men, you punish them to me because it has the arranged distant eyes. It advances, therefore, indifferently to the silent and crest-fallen stop, to the ceremonial of the shadows of the bank of the Douro. The printer comes in opposite sense, with the row of the figures on the left. It does not smile. Bring only a calm, hard face still, and the wind that enters for the mouth of the river him plays with the dark long hair of the hairs '. … ' Of given hand, girl and printer advance also I gild for it. They are few steps for such happiness. They know what must be dismissed, perhaps to thank. They know that the river joined them and that it will keep on being in the life of both". -------------------------------- In the Route of Porto's Wine - The Douro River is really captivating and magic (Portugal - Wine's Route - Douro - Vila Real - Porto)

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Anonymous Guest

M Smith 09 Sep 2011

Great shot; love the title!

nikos kanellos 24 May 2011

Fascinating work....i was lazy to read the whole text....when i did it i really enjoyed!!

tim linville 07 Dec 2010

Very nice connection,in Image,and text,Analua!

Sandra McClure 03 Oct 2010

Beautiful work

Olga van Dijk 05 Sep 2010

F A N T A S T I C , text and picture Analua! Love and Light, Moi