Final Thought!

"Gonna need a bigger bow!" This one took a while. I couldn't find the time to put into it. I just go to the point of being tired of looking at it, and had to finish it. There's nothing I would change, just, it took so damn long. 2h-6b pencils April 16th 2010

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Patrick Boyle 03 May 2010

hey Wayne.Great picture,the little guy is bummin' !!! Sorry I havn't been around much to comment I spend most of my free time over at DA (you should REALLY open an account there) but I'll be back asap to comment on your other new drawings bud.Hope all is well

Artist Reply: Patrick!!! You're alive!!! haha Thanks, glad you like it. DA....DA, still confuses me. What's your account name there? I can annoy you there too. haha All's well on my end, thanks. How's things with you?