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In the series: "Voor jou mijn kind!
(For you, my child)

MUSIC: Vangelis
- La petite fille de la mer

This small painting -part of a diptych- is about
"Female Transformation and the Celebration of Pregnancy."

From the deep dark depth
reaching out for Love and Light:
First breath of new life.

Haiku by Olga van Dijk©2010
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As an artist it's a challenge playing games with the viewer's eyes.
I explored rhythms and variations of density with small squares, creating a feeling of rhythmic movement not normally found among squares.
To make use of maximum contrasts in these almost monochrome (collage/)paintings I incorporated red car paint chips and round shapes, the shape of a growing baby in the mother's belly.

The importance of squares in art, together with other basic geometric shapes, changed with the arrival of Modern Art about 100 years ago, especially Cubism.
This change caused painters, sculptors and printmakers to become excited about the creative possibilities of all kinds of geometric shapes.
From almost the beginning of Modern Art, some artists became very involved with ideas using shapes that were entirely geometric, and were especially creative with square shapes.
As time went on, some artists came to delight in visual effects that teased people's eyes by presenting geometric shapes in ways that were more like visual puzzles.

Oil on Acrylic background

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2010©
This is another OLGartsProduction©2010

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Anonymous Guest

MJ Mitchell 26 Mar 2010

I can visualize what is in your work, but cannot figure out the significance of the 2 red squares....I love it. Very creative!

Artist Reply: Only color wise the red an addition already. Put your tight thumb in the length for the 2 red squares, and close one eye.... see what happens... It would be boring with out the two squares. Furthermore it's a female so it could represent her breasts as well. Thanks for your comment and question MJ! Love and Light, OLGA
Artist Reply: I meant RIGHT instead of tight... (typo!)

Joanna Jungjohann 24 Mar 2010

you never cease to amaze, there is always a special treat to see ur work, Olga

kath nepia 24 Mar 2010


Teresa Dominici 22 Mar 2010

Brilliant art work, Olga.

lillianhibiscus 21 Mar 2010

Fabulous work Olga.