New Trees

I've been given...complaints? about my trees. Not meanly, but with constructive criticism. By my wife, my friend Maxine, and by Jennie, who I have some art on display in her Gallery. So I've tried to fix what the trees look like. Any better? The rough idea for this pic came about because of the 2nd art class I taught at my Daughters school, another gr. 3 class. They called out things for me to draw and I did my best. After I got home some of the ideas seemed to work together, this is the result. Feb 27/10 2b-6b pencils, hard and soft charcoal and green colored pencil.

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Patrick Boyle 14 Dec 2010

I think the trees look great!!AND so does everything else!!

Artist Reply: Thank you sir. My trees are...coming along. I still need to change them up some more. Of course I need to start drawing sometime...!