Hello my name is matthew. I'm 11. This was done in MS PAINT. There is another brolly in my portfolio. But There's not much difference between them. The only thing was I couldn't decide if I wanted a smile on him or not. SO I made two!


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Levi kendrick 01 Nov 2006

back off, shanna, Im warning you... haha just kidding nice job matt

Dillon Karchner 01 Jun 2004

Excellent job Matthew! You made the Top10!

Shanna Williams 01 Jun 2004

His eyes are a tad mis-placed.. and the ear is slightly clicky. May I suggest a different choice in position of the texture lines in his hair? Just the ones on the tips, though. Points aside, well colored and lined. And the dramatic shadowing is refreshing.

Peter Simeti 31 May 2004

very nice!