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1” x 8.5” graphite pencil drawing on paper copyright 2009. David J. Vanderpool NOTE: This is a young artist friend, who I had planned to add to my new book on the male figure, set for 2010, but before I could draw from the photos he sent me, another photographer friend happened to send this of Kevin to draw for my portraits book. It’s a cropped version to a full nude of the young man. Hey… not bad for taking a week off from work and drawing most of that time. It was nice to sit and draw when I wanted and in this case for the last two days none stop Today is Christmas Eve. Lets see if I can get one more portrait done before the end of this year. Merry Christmas, everyone. God bless you all and those who have kept in touch and reached out to me for friendships… thank you! It is you, won have commented and encouraged me, that have kept me drawing and not given up as I wanted to.

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