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Red Sonja

Red Sonja is carrying a big-ass sword /cutlery and the thing on her head is a helmet of sorts, that I imagine she would carry as a mercenary leader of armies or something along that line. For the record: Red Sonja is owned by Red Sonja Corporation (all rights reserved) and is currently licensed by Dynamite Comics.

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Anonymous Guest

Vanessa Parra 10 Aug 2019

Love this piece! Great character portrayal of Red Sonja. Love the details and colors. you brought a softness to her while keeping her warrior quality.

Artist Reply: Thank you, in abundance for your lovely comment - greatly appreciated!

Renata Cavanaugh 14 Mar 2018

One of my favorite characters. Beautifully portrayed

Artist Reply: Thank you for your comment! Big Red certainly is one of my favorite characters as well. ;)

Frank Mayes 17 Jan 2017

This is interesting and she has a very intense look about her....somewhat reminiscent of Frank Frazetta's work. I like it.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your suave comment! :D I feel honored to have been mentioned with the likes of Frank Frazetta (maybe one of THE greatest fantasy-artists of all time)...Welcome back, anytime! ;)

Eric Amiel 19 May 2015

One of my favorite character ever !!!!!!!!!!!! Love especially how you made her green striking eyes stand out. One can see in her glare the fiery temper mixed with a madness needed to survive and cope with her savage and ruthless environment !!!!!!! Amazingly here her eyes make me think about Bette Davis eyes...I guess she was having this kind of stare when she stormed into Jack Warner's office to claim better roles more suited to her great Talent !!!!!!!!! ;-))))))))))))))))))))

Artist Reply: Thank you (100%) for your awesome comment!!! I beg to agree with you on all points regarding Big Red, and I have to say that I wouldn't wanna be in Jack Warner's shoes, whatsoever, that day She-who-must-be-obeyed (pardon the pun...I am referring to the divine Bette Davis) entered his office! :)

Bryan Randall 11 Dec 2014

Very nice! At first I was thinking she was an Amazon warrior.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your comment! Amazons, huh? Well, I maybe oughtta paint one of them also (thanks for giving me the hunch/idea)!