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Call of cthulhu

Inspired by H.P.Lovecraft, this is my rendition of a seductive Cthulhu empress. Also this is a part of another series i´m working on since a few years, called "transgenetic metahuman" Illustrations of human species that is crossed with either plants, animals, or insects to survive on another planet. Call it the next step of evolution


Anonymous Guest

John Enright 20 Oct 2017

outstanding... you are in a class by yourself.

Anonymous Guest 30 Sep 2011

3RWlRn Scribbler, give me a student's record-book!)))

Hiroshi Taniguti 29 Jan 2010

Morbid, but really fascinating!

Kris Hardman 02 Dec 2009

Always love this style really interesting to look at great work

Deborah Johnson 26 Nov 2009

I like this, its in the lighting that it grabbed me first, facinating subject too.