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Veterans Day

Yesterday was Veterans Day.
Veterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans
(Usually observed on November 11. )

"We shall never forget..."

On the 4th of July I gave this small collage painting to my neighbor, who is a retired navy officer.

What I like of this small collage is that it's hard to see what's glued and what's painted.

In this collage painting I only used the national colors.
The American flag is covering the whole collage.

On the right hand side there's the word: "LIVE"
A watch is taken apart.
It jumps up high, with the glass as a magnifier showing the word: "America".

The clock represents TIME: the soldier from birth to old age.

The clock represents also 'time moving forward and marching onward'

The silver and gold in this collage sparkle like a solar system with milllions of tiny points of bright light, stretching out into infinity....
It represents time as duration: a beginning and an end.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2009©
All rights reserved.
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Anonymous Guest

Jan van Baarle 29 Nov 2009

Great tribute

Phil Cashdollar 19 Nov 2009

Great work and tribute to all Vets... your a fantastic artist..with a great heart....

Bev Chudey 16 Nov 2009

Beautiful tribute!

Bernhard Mueller 16 Nov 2009

Very pretty, done with feeling by a great artist. Great patriotic tribute to the honour of the veterans.

Jerry Lee Cline 16 Nov 2009

Excellent collage and a great tribute to all us veterans. I know you are a famous artist but I would be humbled if you would look at my artwork (digital) remembering none of the work is a photograph nor an altered or manipullated photograph, I have never hand any formal training. Again thank you so much for you tribute to Veterans (vietnam-era here)