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My Mother's Wooden Shoes

These are my Mom's wooden shoes.
They are 75 years old.

This picture touches my heart knowing my mom wore them as a little girl.
The colors of this picture enhance that feeling.
My daughter matted and framed this picture and it's hanging in her house in America.

These clogs are hanging on the fence of my Mom's House Boat in Holland.
(I probably will paint them)
My Mom' lives in a rural part of Holland, where people used to wear wooden shoes when I was a kid.
At Grandma's (Oma) my children (now 24, 26) wore clogs too.
I have a row of different sizes wooden shoes next to my American door, all worn by my kids in Holland.
They kept your feet dry and warm while walking on the clay soil.
Good old times.

Here is a Youtube video how clogs are made in the Netherlands:
This hand craft can't be done commercially and that's why it's slowly dying out.

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Anonymous Guest

Martina Thompson 19 Sep 2010

Oh these are lovely!

Natasha Mylius 22 Jun 2010

It's such a great memory treasure for your family and generations ahead.

Artist Reply: Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes you're so right.... they're such a treasure!

Julie Mayser 26 Apr 2010

A marvelous photo, full of bittersweet memories I am sure, Olga! I love the way the shoes are painted - as if they are red leather with buttons! At first they look quite elegant, and then one sees the larger photo and can see the hand crafting and the years of wear!!:-) Hope you will photograph the clogs next to your American door!

Joanna Jungjohann 23 Jan 2010

now these some awesome shoes olga.

surekha rao 30 Nov 2009

Memories sweet and treasured always! A Great photograph to share.. Thank you, Olga!